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This is how my story goes. Last friday when I went to teach at my school in Sentul, I saw this stray dog with awful eczema. She had scratched herself all over her body and was bleeding in atleast 10 places and had sores all over. All the kids ran away from her and avoided her … Through the weekend I kept thinking I wanted to help the dog, I remember Sue (my yoga teacher) had mentioned that coconut oil helps with skin conditions too. On Monday when I went to school, I went with a bucket, pail, baby shampoo and Mathi Kanthasamy’s freshly extracted virgin coconut oil. After bathing the dog, I liberally splashed and massaged coconut oil all over her. Four days later i.e. this morning when I saw her (i was hoping that she was atleast slightly better), I was SHOCKED !! Her skin was completely healed ALL over. All that was left was a tiny wound, as small as the tip of a fork. I simply can’t believe how fast the healing happened and given that it is a stray dog that lives out in the open … eating all kinds of rubbish.

- Damini Kapoor Chintamani

We recommend the coconut oil made by one of Maya Yoga Samudraa’s members, Mathi Kanthasamy. Her coconut oil is homemade and 100% pure. Because it has virtually no impurities, it smells like candy too. At RM60 for a 250ml bottle, her prices are reasonable. (Click here to read Maya Yoga Samudraa’s blogpost on coconut oil)

- Maya Yoga Samudraa

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